Professor Francis Asuquo is a Professor of Chemical Oceanography in the University of Calabar. He has been in the teaching profession for about 35 years now. During this period, he has taught several courses in the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Oceanography and Fisheries, mentored and supervised graduate students.

He has served as a 3 times Head of Department of Physical Oceanography, Acting Director and Director, Institute of Oceanography, Pioneer Dean, Faculty of Oceanography, Acting Vice Chancellor, as well as Chairman, Committee of Deans, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Presently he’s the Coordinator/ Desk Officer, U6 Consortium of African Universities UNICAL and the Coordinator, Marine Atmosphere & Coastal Ocean Research Network, UNICAL.

He had his professional training on Coastal Zone management at the International Centre for Marine Sciences and Technologies/CNR, Venice, Italy and Marine Pollution monitoring of trace organics and their impacts on sea and fisheries at the Institute for Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany. He has attended a Regional Training Course on Marine Nutrient Chemistry and Monitoring in Tunis, Tunisia sponsored by IAEA in 1993 well as a UK fellowship on Darwin Initiative on Biodiversity (Biotope Mapping) at the University of Ghana co-sponsored by the University of New Castle-upon-Tyne.

In 2017, he received professional training on the use of ocean gliders for the monitoring of essential ocean variables (EOVs) ocean contaminants. He has served as an Editor and reviewer to many academic journals including Tropical Journal of environmental Research, Journal of Oceanography and marine Sciences, Journal of Environmental Monitoring etc.